Use Exterior in a Sentence, How to use “Exterior” in a sentence


Use Exterior in a sentence. How to use the word Exterior in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Exterior. Sentence for Exterior.

Use Exterior in a Sentence - How to use "Exterior" in a sentence

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Examples of Exterior in a sentence

  1. It is generally, however, the exterior which remains incomplete.
  2. A yellow streak quite as exterior as the scorch of a sunbeam.
  3. But in the Spring of 18— I got swampt in the exterior of New York State, one dark and stormy night, when the winds Blue pityusly, and I was forced to tie up with the Shakers.
  4. The exterior length of the building is 332 feet (101 meters), and the exterior breadth is 174 feet (53 meters).
  5. But what is most remarkable is, that the whole exterior of it, enormous as the mass is, is formed of brass.
  6. The exterior logo, the design of the cabins and the uniform of the crew will be from Joon, however, the service on board, including the cuisine, will be Air France.
  7. He had a table on one side, with various engravings spread out upon it, representing different views of the castle, both of the interior and of the exterior.
  8. This was the only window having an external aspect in the whole fortress, all the other openings in the exterior walls being mere loop-holes and embrasures.
  9. The gallery was very narrow, like the one within, and it led through a perfect maze of columns, pinnacles, arches, turrets, flying buttresses, and other constructions pertaining to the exterior architecture of the church.
  10. There are, in fact, two domes–an interior and an exterior one; and there are three galleries connected with them which strangers visit.
  11. There is no fruit, certainly, which has so fair and alluring an exterior; but few content themselves with feasting their eyes upon it.

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