Expression in a Sentence

How to use the word Expression in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Expression.

Examples of Expression in a sentence

*** The expression and aerial image of connexins in lens cells will affect the permeability of gap junctions and alter intercellular communication.

*** The expense keeps accounts in the accountant that unless a gender is administered, it goes and the payment of a single item, the profit margin and the historical expression remain consistent.

*** The artificial neural network is a type of implicit expression without explicit expression as a statistical regression model, and that is its disadvantage.

*** Like all his works, Children’s Minds combines a great clarity and lucidity of expression with an original and rigorous thought.


*** His face had an expression of absolute serenity.

*** Another expression related to navigation is to cross the hatches.

*** He considered poetry as a sentimental personal expression.

*** The director was a small, rosy-cheeked man with bottle-shaped shoulders and a deceptive empty expression.


*** Improvisation and expression, as well as the musical accompaniment of the exercises, play a central role in the Medau-Schule training program.

*** And the results are as follows: (1) According to the theoretical face of the tooth, the rate of bit change and the expression of acceleration are analyzed. And the need for modification is indicated.

*** That right to freedom of expression includes the freedom to impart information and ideas without interference from public authority.


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