Expansion in a Sentence

Use Expansion in a sentence. How to use the word Expansion in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Expansion.

Definition of Expansion

Examples of Expansion in a sentence

*** Expansion graphite replaced acetylene black as an electrical core material in the dry battery.

*** Along with the expansion of this business, it is of great need that all commercial banks study prevention, deconcentration and the transfer of their accredited risks.

*** In West Africa one of the principal events in Islam’s expansion was the assumption of power by Negroid peoples of the state of Mali about 1235 a.d.

*** The existence of expansion and contraction directions is an essential prerequisite for chaotic behavior in dissipative systems of this type.

*** Industrialization inevitably led to the expansion of the urban working class.

*** Inevitably, with the rapid expansion of recent years, the University is experiencing difficulties in providing sufficient academic and residential housing.

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