Use Exercise in a Sentence – How to use “Exercise” in a sentence


How to use the word Exercise in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Exercise.

Exercise in a sentence


Examples of Exercise in a sentence

  1. A waist-slimming exercise.
  2. After the body has become adjusted to this type of exercise, the number of repetitions can be increased to twenty or more in each direction.
  3. This exercise helps to reduce fat around the waist.
  4. In the exercise shown above, left, the chin is first held high and the hands clasped behind the head.
  5. This exercise strengthens arm and back muscles.
  6. A similar exercise below consists in raising the body from a supine to a sitting position and back for five or ten times.
  7. Another bust-slimming exercise (below, left) consists simply in holding arms at shoulder length and clasping hands.
  8. The thigh-trimming exercise (above, right) involves standing erect, swinging arms to the left and bending knee toward the right shoulder.
  9. A good leg-slimming exercise is demonstrated here.
  10. At the begirıning of the exercise, the feet are touching the floor.
  11. Another exercise for trimming the abdomen is shown here.
  12. This exercise may be done outdoors, as shown here.
  13. The exercise shown above at left is good for developing firm hips.
  14. Above, right, the well-known toe-touching exercise is effective in developing a stable back.
  15. The exercise at right invoives a swinging action attained from bent knees and position shown on toes.
  16. BuzzFeed News, in a surprising exercise, collected 20 examples of how tabloids covered the duchess more negatively than her brother’s wife, Prince William, former Kate Middleton.
  17. It helped people exercise their generosity by helping those who need it the most.
  18. What are the objects which I wish to accomplish in this writing exercise, and how can I best accomplish them?
  19. He must have been pleased with the exercise of his almost military command, and to witness how effectually order and industry, and excited and pleased attention, had taken the place of listless idleness and mutual dissatisfaction.

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