Use Executive in a Sentence – How to use “Executive” in a sentence


How to use the word Executive in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Executive.

Use Executive in a Sentence - How to use "Executive" in a sentence

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Examples of Executive in a sentence

  1. His last positions were as a bank executive in New York City: director of the Manhattan Bank and president of the City Bank of New York.
  2. In most western democracies in the 20th century, legislatures have lost a lot of ground for the executive branches.
  3. Greater use by Congress of federal executive agencies to administer federal statutes and promulgate regulations that affect legislative policies.
  4. The system can simulate the executive process of the NC program files, and simulate the speed and acceleration curve, and process the time and distance with the unit of the control period.
  5. The Vocational Training and Executive Development School is administered by the College of Professional and Continuing Education Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.
  6. The ‘Executive Director’ is abbreviated as ‘CEO’
  7. The Executive Council (EC) of TAGMA decided unanimously to qualify the present series of the DIEMOULD Biennial Exhibition held in even years in a permanent place.
  8. The party executive unanimously approved the nomination on August 13.
  9. Mr. Trump was recently the executive vice president of operations at Xerox Corp. and is an advisor to that firm.
  10. Today its executive committee voted unanimously to reject the proposals.
  11. The answer is simple, as per Abbott’s executive vice president of human resource Steve Fussell, the return of investment, talent-wise is bigger.
  12. Nearly all the power that is held, even by the most despotic executive, must be based on an adroit management of the principles of human nature, so as to lead men voluntarily to co-operate with the leader in his plans.
  13. Throughout the Chronicles make a point of exhibiting David as the originator, and Solomon as the executive instrument.
  14. In Carthage these two yearly officers, in whose hands lay the supreme administration of justice, and the executive, formed with 30 elders the governing body of the city.


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