Use Examples in a Sentence – How to use “Examples” in a sentence


Use Examples in a sentence. How to use the word Examples in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Examples. Sentence for Examples.

The concepts of reliability and validity explained with examples

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Examples of examples in a sentence

  1. Andreas Schlüter; (1664-1714), German sculptor and architect whose work offers some of the best examples of the late baroque style in Germany.
  2. His expertise is wide and deep, his examples are often impressive, and his analyzes of how masterpieces achieve their effects are sharp and convincing.
  3. Thus Hazlitt accumulates examples of how humor results from surprise, incongruity, absurdity and misunderstanding.
  4. His writings are among the best examples of this school of thought (see Deism).
  5. We have pulled together some examples (based on FTC advice or enforcement cases) to illustrate ways that you can disclose a material connection between you and your advertisers.


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