Use Evidence in a Sentence, How to use “Evidence” in a sentence


Use Evidence in a sentence. How to use the word Evidence in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Evidence.

Use Evidence in a Sentence - How to use "Evidence" in a sentence


Examples of Evidence in a sentence

  1. *** There is evidence that iron was being smelted and forged in Subsaharan Africa by about 500 b.c.
  2. *** Religious scriptures do not provide real evidence and should be ignored.
  3. *** The jury did not believe Evans’s story about his wife’s abortion, as there was no evidence of it.
  4. *** The leaders of the Chadian rebel movement say that it never happened, while the nomads, after two years of scratching in the area, have not yet found a single box of cartridges or other material evidence.
  5. *** Much evidence shows that interpersonal competence is a prerequisite for a successful managerial career.
  6. *** After this, the evidence on the life of Anne Batten Cristall is very scarce.
  7. *** The standard practice is to alternate a stimulus with a control condition, but there is no evidence of the control condition present on the videotape.
  8. *** The evidence was so convincing that he felt compelled to accept it.
  9. *** The court was presented with strong evidence that she had murdered her husband.
  10. *** Taken together, they are quite convincing evidence of prejudice.
  11. *** The new studies provide convincing evidence in support of these concepts.
  12. *** The convincing evidence that the NMDA receptor performs this function is reviewed in the next section.
  13. *** Activists now have convincing documentary evidence of the human rights abuses they had been denouncing for several years.
  14. *** However, the officer in charge of the investigation said that it was the only way to gather convincing evidence.
  15. *** But perhaps the most vivid and convincing evidence of this highly developed color sensibility is the artifacts themselves.
  16. *** The evidence to support a defect in cell-mediated immunity is more convincing.
  17. *** The evidence is necessarily anecdotal, but it is very convincing.

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