Use Everyone in a Sentence

Use Everyone in a sentence. How to use the word Everyone in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Everyone.

Definition of Everyone

Examples of Everyone in a sentence

*** It was difficult for everyone and there was a loyalty to Jef, but Steve had his own convincing aura.

*** Everyone listened to the narrator with thirsty ears.

*** Everyone was thirsty, so I gave them a drink.

*** when everyone is about to rain, let’s make it clear in our hearts together.

*** The speaker was boring everyone.

*** The colors, textures and patterns of the upholstery that I chose were intended to create an informal atmosphere in my house that would always be open to everyone.

*** Everyone wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But how can you make a rainbow without a little rain?

*** when it started to rain, everyone gathered at the doors.

*** Teoh Poh Yew is a dynamic and creative mathematic educator who firmly believes that everyone can learn and enjoy this “feared” topic.

*** Everyone knows that watermelon is the fruit par excellence on a hot summer day.

*** Now we will discuss an incredible selection of the precious appointments you have to get from here to wish everyone a happy new year.

*** Happy New Year, everyone.

*** A happy Christmas for all! A happy new year for everyone!

*** Everyone needs love, especially for those who do not deserve it.

*** Once the strength of the leg decreases, the person falls easily, provokes the life of everyone even in fasting.

*** Everyone seemed properly surprised by his entrance, muttering disapproval while I insisted that Ockleton leave.

*** Inevitably, the situation did not please everyone.

*** Everyone says little lies, what really matters is the size …

*** Everyone would like to be on Broadway, because if a show works, you earn a lot of money and you can write other shows.

*** Pointillism requires emotional images, character, etc., and makes everyone come together and form a whole that tells a story.

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