Use Everybody in a Sentence, How to use “Everybody” in a sentence


Use Everybody in a sentence. How to use the word Everybody in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Everybody. Sentence for Everybody.

Use Everybody in a Sentence - How to use "Everybody" in a sentence


Examples of Everybody in a sentence

  1. Everybody tells lie.
  2. How that man has duped everybody!
  3. Everybody blows it once in a while.
  4. Like just about everybody else, I love mashed potatoes.
  5. I mean, everybody likes sex.
  6. Everybody deserves a home.
  7. “But everybody reached out and touched them,” Hansmeyer says.
  8. Everybody who is a homeowner at some point has that label attached to them.
  9. Everybody aroun’ here knows Mr. Harrison.
  10. That shows how everybody recognizes the church as a conservator of social morality.
  11. That was her way, I soon saw, to expect the worst of everything and everybody.
  12. The spot surrounded many people very quickly, everybody is eristic in succession.
  13. “Bless me! everybody can hear you all over the house.
  14. Either way, these will show you that crowdfunding can be for everybody, especially for the good-hearted visionaries out there.
  15. This was a house, I was beginning to feel, where everybody, from the mistress down, wanted to question me.
  16. Dr. Ambrose and Crothers also shook my hand, and everybody seemed to be glad that we had arrived at the truth at last.
  17. At such times everybody is on the alert, suspecting mischief or danger in every unusual sight or sound.
  18. At the time of its arrival at Tarsus, Antony was engaged in giving a public audience at some tribunal in his palace, but everybody ran to see Cleopatra and the barge, and the great triumvir was left consequently alone, or, at least, with only a few official attendants near him.
  19. The newcomer is puny and needs the constant attention that every invalid requires; or the mother’s strength has been sapped, and she must, for everybody’s sake, do the easiest thing.

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