Use even in a sentence

Use even in a sentence. How to use the word even in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word even. How to use “even” with example sentences

Definition of even

Examples of even in a sentence

*** Even the most boring meeting was encouraged by Dan’s presence.

*** Harvesting will be even better when the flood waters in the upper part of the rivers decrease, close to the former gold mining cities.

*** After a day at the office, I even felt the benefit of the quiet environment.

*** The rejuvenating environment of autumn is immeasurably older than even the calendar.

*** You have to have victuals and clothes, even in Trumet, and a place to spend the night.

*** At this point in his career, Davis earns a credibility of $ 65 million, even if he is motivated.

*** Even the singer Rob Thomas of the twenty matchbox, who was no stranger to the screaming women, was surprised.

*** Then, when you use them in real life, a normal person will react by immediately leaving all harmful behavior, and it will even mean that people will be surprised by your candor.

*** Even then, you could end up feeling guilty every day for the many tasks that will inevitably be undone.

*** There was not even time for sentimental glances back on the retreating coast of the homeland.

*** With some types of solo song, or even operatic aria, the accompaniment should be a simple background hum.

*** This fascinating real life story will attract even reluctant readers.

*** More than enough to guarantee a spectacular acceleration, even at high speed.

*** When the wrath of the enemy of the unrighteous was not appeased even in blood, and yet found favor?

*** There is no other player that even remotely approaches his caliber.

*** They rebuilt the house on an even more luxurious scale than before.

*** And Mellor willingly accepted her splendid hospitality, even though he was the art minister at the time and she was a film producer.

*** However, the rigorous regime that was normal for many, even in a lavish burg, staggered towards normality.

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