Use Eve in a Sentence, How to use “Eve” in a sentence


Use Eve in a sentence. How to use the word Eve in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Eve. Sentence for Eve.

Use Eve in a Sentence - How to use "Eve" in a sentence


Examples of eve in a sentence

  1. Chapman had died of cancer on Wednesday on the eve of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the first Monty Python show.
  2. Former Real Madrid legend Miguel Gonzalez, better known as “Michel,” has left Liga MX club Pumas on the eve of the new season.
  3. Mary had a proclamation read at the head of her army, now that she supposed she was on the eve of battle, in which she explained the causes of the quarrel.
  4. But I perceived from other passages in the epistles (and from the Jewish scriptures soon afterwards) that the story of Adam and Eve resembled some versions that I had read of the story of Epimetheus and Pandora, who caused sins and pains to come into the world, but “hope” came with them.
  5. But I was in a great strait between two wishes, being on the one hand fearful to trouble or disturb him, and this too on the eve of his departure; and yet having a fervent desire to receive from him some last precepts for the guidance of the church.
  6. Men locked up under such circumstances, and on the eve of the perpetration of such a deed, were not likely to sleep at their posts.
  7. Some slept; others watched restlessly, and talked together, sleepless under the influence of that strange excitement, half exhilaration and half fear, which prevails in a camp on the eve of a battle.
  8. On eve of first big coronavirus vaccine study, trial leaders brace for ‘unprecedented’ task.
  9. Russell Wilson, Ciara have their baby, born on eve of Seahawks training camp
  10. Unrest spreading among Beaumont doctors on eve of possible merger
  11. On the eve of the implementation of Minnesota’s statewide mask mandate, health officials reported 773 more COVID-19 cases and five more deaths.

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