Use Euthanasia in a Sentence, How to use “Euthanasia” in a sentence


Use Euthanasia in a sentence. How to use the word Euthanasia in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Euthanasia.

Use Euthanasia in a Sentence - How to use "Euthanasia" in a sentence


Examples of Euthanasia in a sentence

  1. U.S. Catholics have exerted moral influence affirmatively in the areas of social justice, family life, and decency in literature and films; negatively, in opposition to communism, artificial birth control, abortion, euthanasia, and divorce and remarriage.
  2. The only alternative is euthanasia: is your alligator really so disposable?
  3. In a Greek water bath, he expired: euthanasia.
  4. The doctor refused to perform euthanasia on that terminal patient.
  5. Euthanasia is sometimes called death for mercy, doctor-assisted suicide, or death without pain.
  6. The controversy over the original meaning and modern meaning of euthanasia was the result of the “Merman Baby” case.
  7. His fears of dying death had subsided and he was now firmly opposed to euthanasia.
  8. Euthanasia can really relieve the pain of dying patients.
  9. The legalization of euthanasia is a subject of controversy.
  10. Then we can ask what is the position in Kantian thinking about euthanasia.
  11. They analyzed the pros and cons of euthanasia.
  12. Right now he is reviewing the arguments about euthanasia once again.
  13. The heart of the apostolate of each pro-life worker should be a weekly sacred Eucharistic hour dedicated specifically to the end of contraception, abortion and euthanasia throughout the world.
  14. Cicely Saunders, president of the National Hospice Council and founding member of the hospice movement, argues that euthanasia does not take into account that there are ways to care for the dying.
  15. This article attempts to apply the analysis for legal interest to the investigation of euthanasia from the aspects of the natural right of the life of man and his personal dignity.
  16. In the section “The euthanasia of the rentier”, the author focuses on the bad luck of the holders of bonds in the twentieth century in Europe and South America, in particular Argentina.
  17. The decriminalization of euthanasia is in fact equal to the recognition of the right of peoples to death by law.
  18. Similar questions arise from suicide assisted by a doctor, but that is not the same as euthanasia.

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