Use Especially in a Sentence – How to use “Especially” in a sentence


Use Especially in a sentence. How to use the word Especially in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Especially.

Use Especially in a Sentence - How to use "Especially" in a sentence


Examples of Especially in a sentence

  1. This plant requires good light and frequent and regular watering especially when it is in bloom.
  2. Night is mostly spent lying down ruminating, especially in the hours after dark and before dawn.
  3. It is fun to send these wishes especially for an uncle who is nice in every way.
  4. Especially associated with human pleasures, Bes was a genial figure and a guardian against misfortune.
  5. I love Türkiye, especially in summer.
  6. His writings profoundly influenced many later mathematicians and scientists, especially Galileo and Newton.
  7. Fiske: historian and American philosopher known for his writings on religion and science, especially Excursions of an Evolutionist (1884).
  8. Sometimes, the second reading, usually made from apostolic writings, had the same theme especially in Lent or Advent.
  9. These figures are heroes for the conservatives for their adherence to policies that are meat and drink to the right, especially abortion.
  10. A hepatic abscess with actinomycosis is rare, especially in children. To our knowledge, this is the first report on this disease in the form of a subcutaneous mass.
  11. We present this case to remind physicians that if low back pain, especially combined with weakness of the lower extremities are present in patients, psoas abscess should be considered even if there is no fever.
  12. Then, the traditional calculation theory of the design of the main cable and the actual tension of the main cable are very different, especially the aberration bridge. It is apt to cause a greater error.
  13. The government aims to improve public services, especially education.
  14. The big losers will be the underdeveloped countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa.
  15. Divorce is very painful, especially when it comes to children.
  16. The climate presented a particular challenge, especially for the American military unaccustomed to Subarctic conditions.
  17. Millions of wild flowers color the valleys, especially in April and May.
  18. We should have perseverance, we should have confidence in ourselves especially!
  19. He bought a new pair of trainers especially for the trip.

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