Use Erroneous in a Sentence, How to use “Erroneous” in a sentence


Use Erroneous in a sentence. How to use the word Erroneous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Erroneous. Sentence for Erroneous.

Use Erroneous in a Sentence - How to use "Erroneous" in a sentence


Examples of Erroneous in a sentence

  1. Through erroneous opinions Medea slew her children and Clytemnestra her husband.
  2. If they have been trained to speak exactly together, his ear will also at once detect any erroneous answer which any one may give.
  3. The parents who send their children to him to be taught to read, to write, and to calculate, may have erroneous views of their duty as parents in other respects.
  4. An erroneous trade is a stock transaction that deviates so much from the current market price that it is considered wrong.
  5. In this paper, we argue that EEC can be used to recover erroneous bits from the data packet.
  6. Probably variations in the text enabled them honestly to omit it, believing it to be erroneous.
  7. I take it, however, that Luke knew Mark’s tradition ‘_to Galilee_,’ and rejected it as erroneous.
  8. The confusion, in Greek, might arise from one erroneous letter.
  9. This points to the conclusion that the writer of the fourth gospel agreed with the Elder called John in his verdict on Mark, which is, in effect, ‘Not erroneous in fact though imperfect in expression.’
  10. According to Scaurus, although the style was very different indeed from that of Philo, and although the writer knew (what Philo did not) that the Septuagint was often erroneous, yet there was a great likeness between John and Philo in respect of their symbolism.
  11. Always remember also when any one injures you, as it is called, that the cause of the injury is ignorance or erroneous opinion.
  12. The known advent of the late Commandant of Pignerol, Saint-Mars, with a single concealed prisoner, at the island, naturally suggested the erroneous idea that the prisoner was Mattioli.

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