Use Entry in a Sentence, How to use “Entry” in a sentence


Use Entry in a sentence. How to use the word Entry in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Entry. Sentence for Entry.

Entry in a Sentence


Examples of entry in a sentence

  1. Entry to the zoo is cheap.
  2. “Yes, out into the entry,” said Rollo.
  3. Each entry must have an entry label attached to the entry case.
  4. Unwanted and meaningless information on entry, storage and exit.
  5. The manufacturer of the first allonge entry will sign on the supporting edge.
  6. We recommend entry occlusion if the intraoperative ultrasound shows areas of tumors that rest on the main intrahepatic vessels.
  7. Entries should be packaged together with the entry label attached (if aplicable).
  8. So saying Phonny went into a sort of hall or entry which passed through the house, and which had doors in it leading to the principal rooms.
  9. The other door opened into the back part of the entry.
  10. In fact, Rollo found that the tuft, instead of swinging into the room, was carried out towards the entry.
  11. Suppose the entry were full of water, and the parlor full of air, and the door was shut, and the door and the walls were water-tight.
  12. Now, if you were to open the door, you see that the water, being heavier, would flow in, through the lower part of the door-way, into the parlor, and the air from the parlor would flow out, through the upper part of the door-way, into the entry.
  13. The water would settle down in the entry, until it was level in both rooms, and then the lower parts of both rooms would be filled with water, and the upper parts with air.
  14. Reading the title of this entry can make you laugh, but it only gets funnier once you learn what prompted this theory.
  15. I can never begin an entry in my journal without having that frightful scene come between me and these pages.

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