Use Entertain in a Sentence – How to use “Entertain” in a sentence


Use Entertain in a sentence. How to use the word Entertain in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Entertain.

Use Entertain in a Sentence - How to use "Entertain" in a sentence


Examples of Entertain in a sentence

  1. It’s not your job to entertain your child just because he or she is bored.
  2. Someone please entertain the kids.
  3. Musicians and dancers were often called on to entertain at lavish banquets given by the wealthy for their friends.
  4. She had to entertain some boring local fat cats.
  5. There are many teachers who profess to cherish the spirit and to entertain the hopes of piety, who yet make no effort whatever to extend its influence to the hearts of their pupils.
  6. I don’t desire that you should meet with any very serious or dangerous accidents, but the more common accidents that you meet with, the more you will have to amuse and entertain you.
  7. Donald certainly knows how to entertain people.
  8. Check out this big list of ways to entertain a toddler while breastfeeding a newborn.
  9. Ways to entertain your kids (and keep your sanity) during the coronavirus outbreak.
  10. It was impossible for Joram to entertain any further hopes of the subjugation of Moab when Benhadad, after escaping from the attack of Shalmanesar, turned upon him.
  11. Give your child the skills and tools to entertain themselves.
  12. How to entertain yourself and your family during coronavirus.
  13. They need to find ways to socialise, do their school work, exercise and entertain themselves.
  14. Discover how to entertain a baby with these simple ways.
  15. He asks her to demonstrate how to entertain an Alien.
  16. People love video and you can use it to entertain and inspire them.
  17. My husband and I entertain often, inviting both adults and kids or occasionally just adults.
  18. BBC sets out plan to inform, educate and entertain during unprecedented times.
  19. Wine critics often tend towards pomposity, but shouldn’t they be trying to entertain as well as instruct their readers?

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