Use Ending in a Sentence, How to use “Ending” in a sentence


Use Ending in a sentence. How to use the word Ending in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ending. Sentence for Ending.

Use Ending in a Sentence - How to use "Ending" in a sentence


Examples of ending in a sentence

  1. A sordid and sentimental argument unravels, with an inevitable mawkish ending.
  2. Instead of ending thus, however, it aroused them to desperation.
  3. The story had a very happy ending.
  4. We are at the ending point of this year.
  5. The holiday commemorates the ending of slavery in the U.S., in 1865.
  6. Its back is short and straight, and its legs are short, ending in small rounded feet.
  7. “We went over to Goldsboro, which was our big rival, and I entered the gym when the jayvee game was just ending up.
  8. She made numerous motion pictures, beginning with Only Yesterday (1933) and ending with No Sad Songs for Me (1950), and appeared frequently on television.
  9. ‘That is the ending of the difficulty,’ he added.
  10. The errors and follies of Charles, ending at last, as they did, in the most atrocious sins, were of the latter class.
  11. It was at a place where the path led along on the side of the mountain, with a smooth grassy slope above and a steep descent ending in another smooth grassy slope below.
  12. The coffee was cold, it is true, but it was very good, and it made an excellent ending to the meal.
  13. Its bed is a steep valley, commencing far up among the mountains in a region of everlasting ice and snow, and ending in some warm and pleasant valley far below, where the warm sun beats upon the terminus of it and melts the ice away as fast as it comes down.
  14. M. Skouloudis urged these reasons with all the firmness, and more than all the plainness, that diplomacy allowed, ending up with an emphatic: “No, gentlemen, such a thing we will not permit.
  15. There being six half hours in the forenoon, and one of them ending at the close of school, and another at the recess, only _four_ of these _rests_, as a military man would call them, would be necessary; and four, of two minutes each, would make eight minutes.

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