Use Encourage in a Sentence, How to use “Encourage” in a sentence


Use Encourage in a sentence. How to use the word Encourage in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Encourage. Sentence for Encourage.

Use Encourage in a Sentence - How to use "Encourage" in a sentence

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Examples of Encourage in a sentence

  1. Will the pressure applied by environmentalists be sufficient to encourage industrialized nations to use less fossil fuels?
  2. He did much to promote the welfare of his kingdom; to encourage agriculture and trade; to improve the communications of Babylon by land and sea.
  3. Dry air in the greenhouse will encourage pests such as the red mite.
  4. Perhaps she intended to encourage me, but I fancied I scarcely needed that; not in the year of our Lord and deep peace 1896.
  5. How do governments intervene to control that technology, encourage innovation or regulate the market?
  6. This could allow the teacher to intervene to encourage effective strategies.
  7. This insurance plan will be too difficult to administer and will encourage fraud.
  8. The Anglo-Saxons writhed on the stage, stained with blood, singing perhaps mercifully unintelligible words, to encourage the Purcellian tensions.
  9. These subtle curves encourage the flow of air under the table, which provides greater lift and better acceleration.
  10. Although the world in which we live is definitely driven by consumers, particularly in the beauty and fashion industries, we are also witnessing many more platforms that encourage women (and men!) To accept and be at peace with their physical appearance and body image.
  11. Should you, on the other hand, prefer the peace and happiness of piety, and be willing to begin to walk in its paths, you will find many, both among the teachers and pupils of the Mount Vernon School, to sympathize with you, and to encourage and help you on your way.
  12. The account which he gave was very little calculated to encourage Pyrrhus in his future hopes and expectations.
  13. The priests, who had come into the army of the insurgents to encourage them in the fight, told them that a miracle had been performed.


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