Use Emperor in a Sentence, How to use “Emperor” in a sentence


Use emperor in a sentence. How to use the word emperor in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word emperor. How to use “emperor” with example sentences

Use Emperor in a Sentence - How to use "Emperor" in a sentence


Examples of emperor in a sentence

  1. The current emperor of Japan delivered his last New Year’s speech.
  2. Writings on the site led the experts to identify the tomb as belonging to Marcus Nonius Macrinus, one of the closest collaborators and generals of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  3. Separate waltzes written after 1870 include Vienna Blood, Voices of Spring, and the Emperor.
  4. Abraham a Sancta Clara joined the order of Discalced (barefoot) Augustinians in 1662, was ordained a priest in 1666, and was appointed preacher to the court of Emperor Leopold I at Vienna in 1667.
  5. Aurelian Wall; the city wall of ancient Rome, built mostly during Emperor Aurelian’s reign (270-275 a.d.).
  6. The wall was refurbished during the reign of the emperor Justinian (527-565 a.d.) and a large ditch was dug in front of it.
  7. In 1629 he and Friar Adam Schall took charge of a calendar reform for the Ming emperor.
  8. The imperial Roman army that was then mobilized against Aretas was demobilized at the death of Emperor Tiberius in 37 a.d., and the Nabataean kingdom remained independent throughout Aretas’ reign.
  9. He was not only King of Spain, but Emperor of Germany.
  10. The Emperor Charles, as soon as he heard of young Edward’s death and of Mary’s accession to the English throne, conceived the plan of proposing to her his son Philip for a husband.
  11. The people knew Philip’s ambitious and overbearing character, and they believed that if he were to come to England as the husband of the queen, the whole government would pass into his hands, and, as he would naturally be very much under the influence of his father, the connection was likely to result in making England a mere appendage to the already vast dominions of the emperor.

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