Use embarrassed in a sentence

Use embarrassed in a sentence. How to use the word embarrassed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word embarrassed. How to use “embarrassed” with example sentences

Definition of embarrassed

Examples of embarrassed in a sentence

*** “In the sports house of Belle Watling,” said Rhett, looking embarrassed.

*** Everyone was embarrassed by this elegant speech, pronounced with enough air.

*** Carrie left tired, somewhat more embarrassed by her pains.

*** A Ci Xiaomin has an accident discovery, very embarrassed, irritated, decisively and have divorced!

*** He looked at Juliet accusingly and she seemed adequately embarrassed.

*** At Tsu Ma’s toast, however, she looked down sharply, as if embarrassed.

*** “You said the first of the week,” Carrie said, very embarrassed.

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