Use Elsewhere in a Sentence – How to use “Elsewhere” in a sentence


Use Elsewhere in a sentence. How to use the word Elsewhere in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Elsewhere. Sentence for Elsewhere.

Elsewhere in a Sentence


Examples of elsewhere in a sentence

  1. French forces elsewhere remained obdurate despite their defeats.
  2. Several related species are found on the Pacific coast and elsewhere.
  3. But, if you want to raise money for a humanitarian project, you would be wiser to look elsewhere.
  4. After 1945 he worked in many parts of the world, directing plays and operas in Tel Aviv, Helsinki, New York, and elsewhere.
  5. But the Boxster is much more than a simple acceleration, which you can get half the price elsewhere.
  6. A degree of particularity and familiarity which would be improper elsewhere is not only allowable here, but necessary to the production of the proper effect.
  7. You are, of course, while in the school, under the same moral obligations which rest upon you elsewhere.
  8. The punishment of death is perhaps less frequently imposed than elsewhere in the East, but mutilations are only the more common, and at times they are employed to aggravate the sentence of death, which is inflicted by beheading and impalement.
  9. Hence founding and building can here mean no more than restoring and completing: just as elsewhere Nebuchadnezzar constantly calls himself the restorer of Bit Zida and Bit Saggatu.
  10. How far to the south this division penetrated, we cannot determine, for the place Kerkis, beyond which it passed, is not mentioned elsewhere.
  11. Yet David’s instructions to destroy a man of no importance, whom he had once in a difficult position sworn to spare, out of the grave, by the hand of his son, goes beyond the limit of all that we can elsewhere find in those times and feelings.
  12. The development of independence among the burghers must have placed far closer limitations upon the will of the kings in these cities than was the case elsewhere in the East.

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