Use Elegantly in a Sentence – How to use “Elegantly” in a sentence


Use Elegantly in a sentence. How to use the word Elegantly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Elegantly. Sentence for Elegantly.

Use Elegantly in a Sentence - How to use "Elegantly" in a sentence

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Examples of Elegantly in a sentence

  1. It is elegantly bound, and illustrated with a number of finely executed wood-cuts.
  2. Her hair was elegantly arranged in curls upon her neck, and she was dressed quite fashionably.
  3. Small, hairy leaves cover the elegantly dangling stems, which in the spring bear long, narrow flowers of a beautiful red colour along their whole length.
  4. Even if your alarm code is written elegantly and well, there is a convincing advantage to a centralized service.
  5. These pages were all beautiful boys, elegantly dressed in characteristic liveries of red laced with gold.
  6. These sleighs, or sledges as they were called, were very elegantly decorated, and were drawn by six horses each.
  7. The figures on the tapestry consisted of groups of horsemen, elegantly equipped and caparisoned.
  8. The carriage was a very elegant one in red and gold, and there were two elegantly dressed footmen standing behind.
  9. The table and the counters were elegantly made, of fine cabinet work, and before them were placed handsome chairs and sofas, nicely cushioned, so that the customers might sit at their ease, and examine the ornaments which the shopkeeper showed them.
  10. Here are great book publishing establishments, which send forth millions of volumes every year–from ponderous encyclop√¶dias of science, and elegantly illustrated and costly works of art, down to tracts for Sabbath schools, and picture books for children.
  11. Sometimes whole troops of horse come in from between two great curtains at one end, all elegantly caparisoned and mounted, some by men and some by girls, but all, whether men or girls, dressed in splendid uniforms.
  12. After riding their elegantly caparisoned horses round and round the ring several times, they formed into squadrons and attacked each other with their lances in sham battles.


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