Use Electrode in a Sentence, How to use “Electrode” in a sentence


Use Electrode in a sentence. How to use the word Electrode in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Electrode. Sentence for Electrode.

ELectrode in a sentence


Examples of electrode in a sentence

  • Electrode, an electronic conductor at whose surface electrons are released or absorbed.

Examples of Electrode in a sentence

  1. At the electrode surface, electronic conduction gives place to ionic conduction.
  2. The word electrode was coined by the English scientist Michael Faraday and his co-worker William Whewell.
  3. The anode is the positive electrode, and the cathode the negative electrode.
  4. In electronics, the term electrode is applied to struetures that emit or collect electrons or control the movement of electrons.
  5. If the stimulation that Delgado plans to administer is electrical, the shaft is an extremely thin steel wire electrode covered with insulation except at the tip.
  6. The use of a monolithic computer to measure the acceleration of the knocking electrode of the collector electrode and the corona electrode has the characteristic of high precision, high speed, automatic display and printing of results.
  7. According to the difference of electrode intervals, the objective function of parameter optimization was formed respectively.
  8. The hybridization reaction was conducted by immersing the ssDNA – immobilized electrode in FCA – DNA probe solution.

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