Use Elder in a Sentence, How to use “Elder” in a sentence


Use Elder in a sentence. How to use the word Elder in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Elder. Sentence for Elder.

Elder in a Sentence


Examples of elder in a sentence

  1. The elder branches of the family.
  2. Imported from the Caribbean, the pepper elder bears white, cane-shaped blooms.
  3. He had an elder brother named Polydectes.
  4. At the age of 12 he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, with his elder brother, Anthony.
  5. My elder brother finished his homework very quickly.
  6. According to the poems of the Elder Edda and Snorri Sturluson’s Younger Edda, he was the first living creature and became the ancestor of the race of giants.
  7. If they had been of different ages, the younger could have yielded to the elder, in some degree, without wounding his pride.
  8. This proposal seemed to have the appearance, at least, of reasonableness and impartiality; and it would have been really very reasonable, if the right to the inheritance thus disposed of, had belonged equally to the younger and to the elder son.
  9. Teispes, the son of Achæmenes, had two sons; the elder was Cambyses (Kambujiya), the younger Ariamnes; the son of Cambyses was Cyrus (Kurus), the son of Cyrus was Cambyses II.
  10. In the Ramayana, Bharata, the younger brother, will not accept the throne in the place of his elder brother Rama, though commanded to do so by his father.
  11. Passing by the two elder sons of Josiah, the people raised to the throne the third son, Jehoahaz.
  12. Pliny the Elder once asked, “What is there that does not appear marvelous when it comes to our knowledge for the first time?”
  13. These were generally the younger sons of sovereigns or chieftains who lived upon the land, the elder brothers remaining at home to inherit the throne or the paternal inheritance.
  14. The elder Marius had married his aunt, and, besides, Caesar himself had married the daughter of Cinna, who had been the most efficient and powerful of Marius’s coadjutors and friends.

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