Use Either in a Sentence, How to use “Either” in a sentence


Use Either in a sentence. How to use the word Either in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Either. Sentence for Either.

Either in a Sentence


Examples of either in a sentence

  1. It can be made either in the oblong shape of the trumpet, with the bell facing upward, or in an oval shape, with the bell at an angle.
  2. You may edit either set of Interview answers at any time by clicking on “Edit Interview Questions” on the Member’s Console.
  3. It is not convenient to forget either the legacy of Begiristain and his complicity with Guardiola.
  4. Simply click either on “SEARCH” located near the top of the page or “Singles Search” at the bottom of the page to search with your stored search profile.
  5. Now I had a clear option: either I accept their terms or I leave.
  6. In large cities, telephone distribution by means of open cables is practically impossible, and it is necessary to use cables either on the ground or suspended from poles or other upper supports.
  7. In sum, it is impossible to assume either a totally derived or a totally local base for African arts.
  8. In large towns telephone distribution by means of open wires is practically impossible, and the employment of cables either laid in the ground or suspended from poles or other overhead supports is necessary.
  9. Unwanted pregnancies can arise from different situations, either by accident or in case of violation.
  10. Deciding to buy hamburgers instead of sirloin steaks or leg of lamb or shrimp is not easy either.
  11. Neither multilateral purism nor sentimental ties with the old allies will stop Britain from cultivating bilateral ties with the emerging powers, either BRIC or sub-BRIC.
  12. These events did not give a misleading impression of Soviet influence in world affairs either.
  13. Either way, speed and acceleration are not going to set the world on fire.
  14. But I would not celebrate Christmas with them either.
  15. In 1860 he invented a type of armature with special features which permitted a device to be operated either as an electric motor or a dynamo.

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