Use Egg in a Sentence

Use Egg in a sentence. How to use the word Egg in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Egg.

Definition of Egg

an oval or round object placed by a female bird, reptile, fish or invertebrate, which usually contains a developing embryo. The eggs of the birds are enclosed in a calcareous shell, while those of the reptiles are in a leathery membrane.

Examples of Egg in a sentence

*** A domesticated rabbit was brought with a large abscess the size of an egg on its cheek.

*** Healthy options include a small handful of dried fruits and nuts, whole-grain crackers with a slice of cheese or a hard-boiled egg or yogurt topped with a tablespoon of granola.

*** This latest scandal has left the government with the egg on its face.

*** Never cackle until your egg is put.

*** Better half egg than empty shell.

*** Cathy was pressing an egg past water.

*** Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

*** Hold the egg in your hand and gently break the shell with a knife.

*** The classical form of induced altruism in the animal world is, of course, the bird that breeds the cuckoo’s egg.

*** Donald boiled an egg.

*** Cover each half with a poached egg and half the tomato mixture; Sprinkle each half with cheese.

*** Egg yolks mixed with Dijon mustard, thickened with melted butter and olive oil, flavored with tarragon.

*** I always have a boiled egg for breakfast.

*** Donald poached an egg for breakfast.

*** Beat egg whites in stiff peaks.

*** You’re pathetic! Can not you even boil an egg?

*** Beat butter and sugar; then mix the egg.

*** When egg whites are beaten, they can increase to seven or eight times their original volume.

*** Pour the syrup into the egg mixture.

*** Conception occurs when a single sperm fuses with an egg.

*** Add the ground almonds and the egg.

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