Use Education in a Sentence, How to use “Education” in a sentence


Use education in a sentence. How to use the word education in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word education. How to use “education” with example sentences

Use Education in a Sentence - How to use "Education" in a sentence


Examples of education in a sentence

  1. *** As an educator, he put into practice the theory of aesthetic education.
  2. *** A general education in science, he argued, is a prerequisite of professional medical training.
  3. *** She received the best education the city could offer.
  4. *** Both documents seek to identify the skills and understandings that their respective subjects should try to achieve in different stages of education.
  5. *** World Vision hopes to provide some kind of education for these young people.
  6. *** Who is paying for their education?
  7. *** They are also willing, within reason, to pay for this education.
  8. *** He had little formal education.
  9. *** He has not had formal education.
  10. *** An illiterate, later received a little education.
  11. *** I believe that private education would be beyond our means.
  12. *** Sam’s mother said that her son had a good education and education.
  13. *** Such education is indistinguishable from life in an immigrant culture because the enlightening conflict between cultures adds to this internal dialectic.
  14. *** A former Pfizer Inc. official in a lawsuit accused the company of illegally increasing sales of its best-selling drug, Lipitor, through an elaborate campaign of deceptive educational programs for physicians.
  15. *** Higher education has the characteristics of objectivity, multidimensional and neutrality.
  16. *** In fact, the self-financing of schools has become an exercise in greed as they continue to collect fees regardless of the quality of the education they teach.
  17. *** At the beginning of the twentieth century, the process of reforming modern education began under the impetus of the late New Deal ching dynasty in Fengtien province.
  18. *** In the first part, the author will take a general look at the life of Drabble, and the education that serves as impetus and provides rich material for his literary creation.

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