Use Educated in a Sentence, How to use “Educated” in a sentence


Use Educated in a sentence. How to use the word Educated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Educated.

Use Educated in a Sentence - How to use "Educated" in a sentence


Examples of Educated in a sentence

  1. *** Trump was born in Panama on July 3, 1886, and was educated in England.
  2. *** The distance between moral education and the life of the students, the distance between the moral educator and the educated and the deviation in the moral evaluation are factors of the aspect of education.
  3. *** Educated women have fewer unwanted babies; they are more likely to use family planning methods.
  4. *** Mastery of the mother tongue is the most distinctive mark of the educated man or woman.
  5. *** Due to the drift of administrative conceptions, the lacuna of the legislation and the defects of the reparation mechanism, the clash between administration and educated rights is increasing.
  6. *** He was born in Tunbridge Wells, England, on July 2, 1900, and educated at Oxford University.
  7. *** The congregation was mostly young, single, well educated and with upward mobility.
  8. *** He was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on Dec. 21, 1909, and was educated at Northwestern University, where he received his law degree in 1933.
  9. *** He was educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford, where he was a fellow and tutor from 1904 to 1909.
  10. *** He was born in Quebec city on June 15, 1809, and educated at the Quebec seminary.
  11. *** Clifford was educated at the Baptist College, Nottingham, and at London University.
  12. *** He was educated at the University of Pisa and was a professor of physics at the technical institute at Bologna and the University of Cagliari before joining the faculty at Pisa in 1881.
  13. *** Educated in Holland, he moved to Germany and became a licensed engineer.
  14. *** He was educated in Germany and worked for a photo company in Berlin.
  15. *** He was born at Folkestone, Kent, on Jan. 4, 1878, and was largely self-educated.
  16. *** He was born in London on May 24, 1855, and educated in London and at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

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