Use Easy in a Sentence

Use Easy in a sentence. How to use the word Easy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Easy.

Definition of Easy

Examples of Easy in a sentence

*** The crocus is very easy to grow.

*** Medications are relatively inexpensive and easy to administer, and nevirapine is usually administered as a single pill when the mother goes into labor and as a liquid for the baby right after birth.

*** This brief demonstration explores the consolidation of volume management with a file system and shows how easy it is to manage ZFS (even against failures).

*** This vaccination was not easy to administer, for the necessary dose that was administered intranasally.

*** The only easy cure is to do the winding in alternate directions, say ten laps in each direction.

*** Then you can have your own accompaniment collection and easy to drag.

*** Refraining from (or giving up) smoking and drinking is not easy.

*** Use easy navigating means for your webstore.

*** It will not be easy to match the legacy of his predecessor.

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