Use Easily in a Sentence

Use Easily in a sentence. How to use the word Easily in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Easily.

Definition of Easily

Examples of Easily in a sentence

*** From the Member’s Home, you can easily access every feature of

*** Maria is so gullible that she can easily accept any excuse you make.

*** But the disdain of these economists consummated by the economy of supply can easily be deduced from their writings and testimonies of Congress.

*** Pyogenic rickets easily leads to violations of the adjacent intervertebral space.

*** Using a low-range approximation of the influence function matrix, the algorithm can selectively correct the aberration by filtering some aberration modes that can not be easily corrected.

*** Lou lifted the box easily, without using too much effort.

*** The constituent of the prostate element is unusual, hemal spreads easily, plaque is hemostatic, function decreases, hemorrhage is measured, that is, it grows in quantity.

*** Since unwanted pregnancies can be so easily avoided with abortion and contraception, why is illegitimacy so high now?

*** This allows the unwanted sediment to be expelled relatively easily.

*** It is tragic, therefore, if the cultural environment provides too easily for perversion.

*** These types of wood splinter more easily than redwood or cedar.

*** In this way, the shrimp are easily collected and can be shaken in the aquarium and obtain water for the next hatching.

*** Alcázar is now easily the most picturesque area of Spain.

*** In addition, an alternative needle pattern produces a beautiful puree lace very easily.

*** Hot adorable, sentimental, friendly and easily accessible appearance, rich feeling, is a typical cancer.

*** Dishonest and deceptive arguments are more easily detected if they are presented in a correct syllogistic form.

*** On the one hand, flowers do not easily fossilize, and leaves alone can be deceptive.

*** The breakup of his marriage to Anna and the new marriage with Wendi Deng did not come easily or with a light heart.

*** However, if they are large, bruising and bleeding occur easily and are serious.

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