Use Each in a Sentence, How to use “Each” in a sentence


Use Each in a sentence. How to use the word Each in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Each. Sentence for Each.

Use Each in a Sentence - How to use "Each" in a sentence


Examples of Each in a sentence

  1. Each nation attempted to construct a balanced industrial complex.
  2. Thus each order has a different group of founders, even saints, and emphasizes different forms of worship.
  3. The Nile lowlands were divided into basins set off from each other by earthen walls, or dikes.
  4. Each of the leading newspapers, al-Ahram, Akhbar al-Yaum, and al-Akhbar, is estimated to have a circulation of 250,000 and is widely read outside Egypt.
  5. The interior of the heart is divided into two separate cavities, similar in construction, but not communicating with each other.
  6. Each cavity contains two chambers, a thin-walled auricle above, which is the receiving depot for the blood entering the heart, and a thick muscle-walled ventricle below, which pumps the blood out of the heart.
  7. Each chamber is provided with valves, arranged so that the blood can flow in only one direction.
  8. On the southern Atlantic Ocean island of South Georgia about 6,000 bulls are killed each year.
  9. In a fluorescent lamp, an electron stream passes between electrodes at each end of a glass tube.
  10. A voltage of 115 volts is obtained between each ungrounded conductor and the grounded conductor.
  11. Each type connects to metal boxes with special fittings.
  12. A capacitor has a pair of isolated metal bodies, and therefore each metal body is an equipotential surface.
  13. He was an unprincipled and cruel tyrant, and the chief business of his life seemed to be selecting and marrying new queens, making room for each succeeding one by discarding, divorcing, or beheading her predecessor.
  14. It is useful to think of any circuit with reference to the potential at each point on it.
  15. Two parallel wires carrying currents in the same direction are attracted to each other.
  16. Each time he was named most valuable player.
  17. Each year about three million teenagers enter the U.S. driving population.
  18. An international conference is held each fail.
  19. Poets and pamphleteers vied with each other in expatiating on the wonders they had performed, to the honour and advantage of their country.
  20. The number of the year appears only once on each page and so does the name of month, unless there is a change of months.
  21. Since only a “Cash” account is illustrated, only those parts of each entry affecting cash can be posted, but the same principles would be involved in posting other accounts.
  22. At the end of each accounting period the real accounts may be balanced as a matter of convenience for preparing statements and utilizing the information in the account during the next period.

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