Use During in a Sentence, How to use “During” in a sentence


Use During in a sentence. How to use the word During in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word During.

use during in a sentence

Examples of During in a sentence

  1. *** During his career, Olajide rose to be the No. 1 global middleweight contender.
  2. *** The guests dined on grouper, abalone, roast pork and ginseng chicken soup during the 10-course meal.
  3. *** The total ozone during the Antarctic ozone hole period of 1993 at the Zhongzhan station in Antarctica is extracted from the TOVS data of NOAA-12 through the use of an improved statistical regression scheme.
  4. *** Say’s writings reached a wide audience during his life.
  5. *** During bread grinding, the molecular chains of SBS were broken, the intrinsic viscosity number decreased and the aberration of the polystyrene dispersion phase increased, the domain size was produced.
  6. *** During that time, Dong asked Ambassador Durbrow to intervene on his behalf.
  7. *** Several air records were established by the crew in 414 during Operation Vittles.
  8. *** The airfield was one of the points of origin of flights to Berlin in support of Operation Vittles (the Berlin airlift) during the Soviet blockade of Berlin.
  9. *** There are no more clues than mine sewn into the powder of fresh snow, white like birch bark, that fell during the night.
  10. *** Although she had come to know Miriam so well during the siege, she was still surprised by his audacity.
  11. *** During the crisis, oil prices fluctuated between $ 20 and $ 40 per barrel.
  12. *** No subject, however, complained of nausea or any other symptom of the gastrointestinal tract at any time during the submaximal plateau.
  13. *** In the psychosomatic sphere it could cause headaches during or due to intercourse or a tendency to nausea every time intercourse takes place.
  14. *** Would lawmakers order hospitalization for intractable nausea and vomiting during pregnancy?
  15. *** These rarely consulted specialists administer local and general anesthesia, control pain and control their vital signs during the operation.
  16. *** You can count and administer your own medications and explain your own needs during doctor visits.

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