Use Drivers in a Sentence, How to use “Drivers” in a sentence


Use Drivers in a sentence. How to use the word Drivers in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Drivers. Sentence for Drivers.

Use Drivers in a Sentence - How to use "Drivers" in a sentence

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Examples of Drivers in a sentence

  1. Even expert drivers can make mistakes.
  2. There were, of course, many drivers.
  3. Then he did what many lost drivers do: check Google Maps.
  4. The cab drivers who knew abut the traffic jam took another road.
  5. Taxi drivers, waiters, and ship’s stewards all depend on tips for their livelihood.
  6. In the mean time the line of carriages from behind pressed on, and the drivers of them began to call out to clear the way.
  7. That Byzantium, which resists Moscow, is one of the external drivers of Moscow’s rise.
  8. Drivers and law enforcement agree, people make mistakes and get distracted.
  9. The administration of US President Joe Biden projected that the Colonial Pipeline, source of nearly half the fuel supply on the East Coast, would restart in a few days and urged drivers not to top up their tanks.
  10. Even though government and industry officials said the nation had plenty of fuel and the pipeline was set to resume operations shortly, nervous drivers clogged gas stations and created shortages in parts of or all 11 states.
  11. The torches they threw at the elephants as soon as they came near, in order to terrify them and make them unmanageable; and then, with their swords, they attacked the keepers and drivers of the beasts, and the men who fought in connection with them.
  12. In these expeditions he sometimes had no less than a thousand carts to convey his baggage–the mules that drew them being all shod with silver, and their drivers dressed in scarlet clothes of the most costly character.
  13. “They keep talking all the time–the conductor, and the drivers, and the other passengers that are there; while in the coupé we shall be all by ourselves.
  14. Then there were chambermaids, ostlers, and drivers of extra horses or oxen to help up the long hills, all of whom would like a small buono mano.


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