Use Driven in a Sentence & How to use “Driven” in a sentence


Use Driven in a sentence. How to use the word Driven in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Driven. Sentence for Driven.

Use Driven in a Sentence - How to use "Driven" in a sentence


Examples of driven in a sentence

  1. In the autumn, the English king was driven for the third time “house without boot and punished by the weather”.
  2. And for once in my life weak, vulnerable, driven by the market, I abstain.
  3. In the four schools, the specific library study and skills initiatives were born of or driven by the project.
  4. Instead of a pulley, the cord, which was a piece of twine, was passed through a little staple made of wire and driven into the board.
  5. In France it was called the bandalore; there was also an ivory counterpart known as the emigrette, because it was a favorite with emigre nobles driven from Paris during the French Revolution.
  6. M. Passitch, the Servian Premier, in an interview with the Greek Minister at Nish, expressed his profound dismay at the corner into which Servia was driven; much as she resented this proposal, the fact that she was
    entirely dependent on the Entente forced her to give it consideration.
  7. But those best qualified to judge of what was coming, and in a position to frame the corresponding policy, had been driven into reserve by the storm of calumny, whereby their motives were misconstrued, their counsels derided, and their authority undermined; so that in the general uproar their voices were scarcely heard.
  8. Their Consuls were arrested, members of their Legations were assaulted, great numbers of their nationals were led into captivity or driven into exile, their merchant ships were seized, and the Ministers themselves were deprived of all means of communicating with their Governments.
  9. Lastly, a continued bombardment might have driven the Greeks to exasperation and perhaps to a massacre of Entente Ministers and subjects.
  10. Now that he was gone, they brooded over the wrongs which had driven him, a lawful and popular king, into exile.
  11. In order to better develop Dalarnia and get the best use of the resources, lands will be sold to ambitious entrepreneurs that are driven both to make the world a more attractive place for new entrants and to make a fortune for themselves.

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