Use Drinking in a Sentence & How to use “Drinking” in a sentence


Use Drinking in a sentence. How to use the word Drinking in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Drinking.

Use Drinking in a Sentence - How to use "Drinking" in a sentence


Definition of Drinking

  1. take (a liquid) in the mouth and swallow.
  2. watch or listen to something with anxious pleasure or interest.

Examples of Drinking in a sentence

  1. Let sit at least six months before drinking.
  2. Phonny examined the water very attentively, to see whether Frink had been drinking any of it.
  3. Just as men sought courage in drinking, so does Indra drink courage from the sacrificial goblet.
  4. Any one who wilfully became intoxicated was to go on drinking boiling rice-water till his body was entirely consumed; then only was he free from his sin.
  5. Ready to quench his thirst after not drinking beer for so long, he staggered into a tavern.
  6. You are drinking cappuccino with a friend.
  7. Drinking is a safeguard, but large amounts of water can overwhelm the gastrointestinal tract, causing cramps, bloating, nausea.
  8. On a muggy afternoon you may find a long line of people in the drinking fountain waiting to quench your thirst.
  9. Manescu had the impression that the apparition behind the opaque glass wall was drinking absurdly from a container.
  10. After three hours of drinking and resting, highlighted by a few minutes of debate, we decided unanimously to leave immediately.
  11. Your doctor ordered you to refrain from drinking beer and wine.
  12. During a Ramadan fast, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and having sexual activity from dawn to dusk.
  13. Babies born to women who did not abstain from drinking during pregnancy also tend to show abnormal sleep patterns after birth.
  14. This offence could also be expiated by drinking the boiling urine of a cow, or boiling liquid of cow-dung, till death ensued.
  15. The approved method of drinking absinthe was to put a small quantity in a tumbler and very slowly pour in a generous measure of iced water over a perforated silver strainer containing a lump of sugar.

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