Use drink in a sentence

Use drink in a sentence. How to use the word drink in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word drink. How to use “drink” with example sentences

Definition of drink

Examples of drink in a sentence

*** Enjoy the atmosphere of our Lobby Lounge bar while sipping a cocktail or a refreshing drink.

*** Small groups of people who drink or share handmade cigarettes with the accompaniment of Radio Luxemburgo.


*** To stop dehydration, athletes drank sports drink before, during and after the triathlon.

*** Most members of the church drink only moderately or abstain completely.

*** But these people are abundant in many other aspects, for example. They do not drink tea.

*** To maintain a proper sweat production, it is necessary to drink an ample amount of water, about twelve glasses a day for a person who works in a high temperature.


*** Because of high pressure, the amount of C02 dissolved in the soft drink is many times the amount that would dissolve under normal atmospheric pressure.

*** “Drink The Wine” is an irresistible force, which evokes the primetime Gladys Knight and The Pips.

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