Use Drink in a Sentence, How to use “Drink” in a sentence


Use Drink in a sentence. How to use the word Drink in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Drink. Sentence for Drink.

What is National Drink Beer Day (September 28) and Activities

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Examples of drink in a sentence

  1. Enjoy the atmosphere of our Lobby Lounge bar while sipping a cocktail or a refreshing drink.
  2. The singer, who was three years older, offered to buy him a drink.
  3. Further, Griffin does not drink, and that most people agree, easily helps save much money.
  4. Small groups of people who drink or share handmade cigarettes with the accompaniment of Radio Luxemburgo.
  5. To stop dehydration, athletes drank sports drink before, during and after the triathlon.
  6. Most members of the church drink only moderately or abstain completely.
  7. But these people are abundant in many other aspects, for example. They do not drink tea.
  8. To maintain a proper sweat production, it is necessary to drink an ample amount of water, about twelve glasses a day for a person who works in a high temperature.
  9. Because of high pressure, the amount of C02 dissolved in the soft drink is many times the amount that would dissolve under normal atmospheric pressure.
  10. Drink The Wine” is an irresistible force, which evokes the primetime Gladys Knight and The Pips.
  11. It’s very easy to drink potato shochu Now that the potatolike smell has been reduced to a low level through use of the latest biotechnology.
  12. So best be aware that putting loads of it on your food or drink defeats the purpose of losing weight.
  13. That’s why we drink it here!
  14. They did not connect until a year and a half later, Hutton said in an interview in 1994, when they saw themselves, once again, at a nightclub and Mercury offered to buy him a drink again.
  15. Coffee is a drug, but most people seem to think it’s okay to drink it once in a while.


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