Use Dousing in a Sentence – How to use “Dousing” in a sentence


Use Dousing in a sentence. How to use the word Dousing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dousing. Sentence for Dousing.

Use Dousing in a Sentence - How to use "Dousing" in a sentence

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Examples of Dousing in a sentence

  1. Dousing is the practice of making something or someone wet by throwing liquid over them, e.g., by pouring water, generally cold, over oneself.
  2. One is prone to dousing the headlights accidentally while signaling.
  3. Water dousing was not designated by the CIA as a “standard” interrogation technique until June 2003.
  4. Dousing is a form of kinesiology.
  5. Donald Obama, 21, was arrested in a water dousing of police this summer.
  6. LAFD rolls out firefighting robot capable of dousing flames humans can’t.
  7. A man is facing charges in connection to two water dousing incidents in the Bronx – including one involving NYPD officers.
  8. Owasso woman accused of dousing herself with gasoline, attempting to set fire to a home, police say.
  9. The dousing sock was designed to help shorthanded crew handle the cruising spinnaker or gennaker.
  10. We were appalled at the recent verbal attacks on and water dousing of police officers in Harlem and Brooklyn.
  11. A 53-year-old Racine man is accused of threatening a woman and dousing her in ranch dressing during a dispute.
  12. The proposed measure was announced a day after NYPD officials launched a probe into the July 24 dousing of two officers in Queens.
  13. Footage has been posted on social media of police dousing a victim of the acid attacks in London with water.
  14. Dousing the flames: what should be done to prevent fires on container ships?
  15. Cooler days are ahead and even a dousing of rain around Western Washington!
  16. King disappointed by sentence for water dousing incident.
  17. Utah man, woman arrested for torturing 2 homeless people, dousing them with gasoline.
  18. Rosenbauer aids recyclers in dousing fire risk.
  19. Over the past week, I’ve fielded questions asking my opinion of the infamous videos showing water dousing of New York City Police officers.


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