Use Double in a Sentence, How to use “Double” in a sentence


Use Double in a sentence. How to use the word Double in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Double. Sentence for Double.

Use Double in a Sentence - How to use "Double" in a sentence

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Examples of double in a sentence

  1. Made of solid cedar wood with hard wood sills, the Colonial is double glazed with polycarbonate roof.
  2. A double-lane option is common, which allows the sail to be smooth if desired.
  3. With a double coat insulating it from heat or cold, the lhasa is adaptable to any climate.
  4. To prevent this, the teacher should exercise double vigilance at such a time.
  5. The equine industry, however, is seeing double-digit percentage decreases on an annual basis in some races.
  6. Rolling, the Colorado met his goal with goals from Patrick, in the 11th, and a double of the reincorporated and hungry Peruvian striker Paolo Guerrero, in the 22nd and 66th.
  7. Chocolate acts as an energy booster and also a stress factor and gives us a feeling of happiness, so double your happiness and joy by adding some comic things in your desires.
  8. With that, the suffering seemed to move away, but ten minutes from the end Inter was left with one less for the expulsion by double reprimand of Guilherme Parede, who had entered the second half.
  9. There is little doubt about the renewal of the title while the team aims for a ninth double with the dispute of the Cup final against Valencia.
  10. The team of Simeone has been precisely double executioner of Barcelona in the Champions in 2014 and 2016, while in 2017 fell to Juve, defeated by Barca in Berlin 2015.
  11. On March 30, against the Sacramento Kings, La Barba got the fifth triple-double of his career with 50 points scored (more than anyone in the history of the league) and became the fourth player with more games, 18, having achieved that scoring barrier and ninth in scoring 2,000 triples in his career.


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