Use Done in a Sentence – How to use “Done” in a sentence


Use Done in a sentence. How to use the word Done in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Done. Sentence for Done.

Use Done in a Sentence - How to use "Done" in a sentence


Examples of done in a sentence

  1. Before I was done with that movie, I was offered my first feature film.
  2. The selection process is done seven months before the pilgrim season.
  3. It really would have been stupid not to have done it.
  4. When Siegfried realizes what he has done, pandemonium erupts.
  5. Early archaeology was mostly done by upper class , scholarly men.
  6. It was done on black silk with quetzal feathers, gold, silver and silk threads.
  7. How oft the sight of means to do ill deeds makes ill deeds done!
  8. No philosopher has done more to deny the idea that his writings contain some kind of masterful or authoritative wisdom.
  9. Adding and subtracting characters can be done in a coherent optical processing system if a grid is used as a filter.
  10. Make another subtraction for everything else, apart from spending on the elderly, which must be done in the social welfare system.
  11. Many of the more than 1,000 paintings attributed to him may have been done by his brothers Jan and Pieter, with whom he collaborated, or by imitators.
  12. A good way to test this is to do a google search for the idea of ??the list to see if someone else has already done so.
  13. I’m still shocked when people say, ‘You haven’t done a studio record in 20 years.’
  14. Cursed is the man who dies, but the evil done by him survives.
  15. It will be done only for those who staked ZOMBIE NFT in our STAKING Platform once live.
  16. Marsha has read that clozapine has done wonders for people with schizophrenia who have not been helped by other meds.
  17. When someone asked “What’s the kindest thing a pet has done for you?” on Reddit, answers started pouring in, with touching real-life stories from pet owners who had their pets to get them through hard times, family drama, and depression.


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