Use Dollar in a Sentence, How to use “Dollar” in a sentence


Use Dollar in a sentence. How to use the word Dollar in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dollar. Sentence for Dollar.


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Examples of dollar in a sentence

  1. The quarter of a dollar.
  2. Albert Coombs Barnes; (1872-1951), American drug manufacturer who assembled a multimillion-dollar collection of modern art.
  3. The search for billion-dollar ideas Can The Idea Of Clean Diesel Survive?
  4. She donned a silk ball gown by wedding gown designer Vera Wang during her million-dollar wedding in Ireland.
  5. While Kickstarter keeps 5 cents for every dollar you raise, it also provides a lot of safety to those who pledge money to your project.
  6. Sand Dollar; any of a group of flattened circular invertebrate animals that are found in shallow coastal waters, usually just beneath the surface of the sand.
  7. When they had to find offseason jobs just to make ends meet, long before million-dollar contracts.
  8. If it is written as well as you can possibly write it, I will give you a quarter of a dollar.
  9. He is saying to himself all the time, “I hope I shall get the quarter of a dollar.”
  10. I gave him a dollar and a half for the whole stock.
  11. Wallace took the wallet, opened it as he rode along, and found that there was a quarter of a dollar in one of the pockets.
  12. “I have not got any ten cents,” said Phonny–“only a quarter of a dollar.”
  13. A squirrel worth a quarter of a dollar, for ten cents.
  14. I got eight francs, which is more than a dollar and a half, for exchanging my seat in the coupé for one on the banquette.
  15. The price of passage, for instance, in the Geneva steamboats, from one end of the lake to the other, a distance of about fifty miles, is two dollars, without berth or meals; whereas you can go from New York to Albany, which is more than three times as far, for half a dollar.


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