Use Do Not in a Sentence – How to use “Do Not” in a sentence


Use Do Not in a sentence. How to use the word Do Not in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Do Not. Sentence for Do Not.

Do Not - Sentence for Do Not - Use Do Not in a Sentence


Examples of Do Not in a sentence

  1. In electronic conduction, which occurs in metals and other conducting solids, such as graphite, electrons move between one atom and another, but the atoms themselves do not move.
  2. We do not reveal any of your personal information to anyone.
  3. You do not need to answer these questions in order for us to process the Registration Form.
  4. Please Note: Your Membership benefits DO NOT end immediately.
  5. To activate any of these features, click on the box next to the type of messages you do not want to receive.
  6. Messages sent in this way do not go to the Message Center.
  7. If you do not answer a required question, a pop-up box appears prompting you to answer the required question.
  8. Other questions are optional and do not require an answer.
  9. Do not be surprised by my comments. I’m sorry about that.
  10. If you reside in the US and want to search for Members who live within a 100-mile radius of your ZIP code, you do not need to change any of the defaulted selections.
  11. The family member do not have to accompany with you to USA, they can stay in their country if they wish.
  12. If you do not have chance to upload the photos we can do it for you.
  13. Please do not forget to write the name and surname of the photo owner at the back of the photo.
  14. Instead, they focus their attention on the negative behaviors they do not want.
  15. Certain operations do not require the specification of a store address; An example is moving the accumulator to the left or to the right.
  16. The theory of the representation of discourse holds that indefinite noun phrases in themselves do not have a quantified characteristic, they only introduce a free variable.

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