Use Diversified in a Sentence, How to use “Diversified” in a sentence


Use Diversified in a sentence. How to use the word Diversified in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Diversified. Sentence for Diversified.

Use Diversified in a Sentence - How to use "Diversified" in a sentence

Examples of Diversified in a sentence

  1. The northern side is more diversified and superior in formation to the south.
  2. Why has language been diversified from its ancient origins into more than 5,000 mutually unintelligible varieties?
  3. This town is the center of a diversified agricultural area.
  4. But the soil of Iran is more diversified in regard to elevation and depression.
  5. But how can investors find out how well diversified a fund is?
  6. Egypt was a plain, diversified only by the varieties of vegetation, and by the towns and villages, and the enormous monumental structures which had been erected by man.
  7. He rejoiced to know that the large, diversified audience crowding the sanctuary each Sunday came wholly of its own free will.
  8. As has been said somewhere, if my memory plays me no tricks, the fish-world is diversified by other occurrences than feeding or going to feed others.
  9. Diversified provides managed network and media technology solutions.
  10. In a country like ours, where the pursuits of men are so infinitely diversified, the descendants of different families become mingled together in the most promiscuous manner.
  11. The view was diversified by villages, hamlets, bridges, railway embankments, and other constructions, which concealed the river here and there entirely from view, and made it mpossible to trace its course.
  12. Access to the main asset classes and geographical regions, with a diversified and flexible approach.
  13. Being truly diversified only multiplies that confusion at times, because you may own a little bit of a lot of things.
  14. Benefits of a diversified private and public real asset portfolio.
  15. Legg Mason is uniquely diversified to deliver specialized capabilities across a spectrum of Equity, Fixed Income, Liquidity and Alternative investments.
  16. This highly diversified and balanced portfolio is designed to capture growth opportunities with an eye to mitigating volatility.

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