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Definition of Distinctive

Examples of Distinctive in a sentence

*** However, it is possible to recognize some general differences between several more or less distinctive groups.

*** Despite the local variations that make each religion distinctive, certain features are wide-spread throughout Subsaharan Africa.


*** Each society has its basic values, and in many ways they are as tribally distinctive as are the languages, the styles in politics, and the other features of the cultures.

*** Distinctive of most of the peoples of this area is their dependenee on rather simple agriculture or gardening for their subsistence and on cattle both as a means of subsistence and as a measurement of relative wealth and prestige.

*** But Africans are turning more and more to the preservation in pure form of their traditional arts; and although change is inevitable, there can be no doubt that the traditional music and dance practices of Africa are of hardy stock and will long remain strong and distinctive elements in the continent’s cultures.

*** The distinctive stone tools include massive central tools (hand axes), bifacial flakes, with deep scale scars and sinuous or jagged edges, together with thick scales, usually untouched.

*** With skillful hand and a bit of cheek, Just before Christ makes easy the most difficult to get personality and a distinctive style that unlike the rest but forget the most fundamental part: give the viewer a reason to follow.

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