Distinction in a sentence

Use distinction in a sentence. Sentence for distinction. How to use the word distinction in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word distinction. How to use “distinction” with example sentences.

Definition of distinction

Examples of distinction in a sentence

*** He served with distinction as a major under Count de Rochambeau during the American Revolution.

*** The distinction, however, is misleading.

*** For the libertarian and the hard-determinist, such a distinction is unintelligible.

*** These terms make a distinction between cloning that results in the creation of an embryo for further destruction and one that is created to continue the normal process of human development.

*** His son Roger, 2d Lord de Clifford (1299-1322), was executed as a rebel against Edward II, and the title passed to his brother Robert, 3d Lord de Clifford (1305-1344), whose younger son, Roger, the 5th Lord (1333-1389), fought with distinction in the wars of Edward III.

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