Use Disperser in a Sentence – How to use “Disperser” in a sentence


Use Disperser in a sentence. How to use the word Disperser in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Disperser. Sentence for Disperser.

Use Disperser in a Sentence - How to use "Disperser" in a sentence


Examples of disperser in a sentence

  1. *** To reconstruct the shape of the disperser D, we establish the relationship between the scatter and the far field pattern.
  2. *** If a disperser such as the human head is used, the intensity differences between the microphones can be efficiently obtained.
  3. *** The Disperser of fear of birth and death.
  4. *** In this paper we investigated a 3-dimensional linearized elastodynamic inversion method to reconstruct the shape of the disperser.
  5. *** In this document, a general representation of the cross section of the radar of a single-face disperser with variance in these parameters is provided.
  6. *** A general expression for the cross section of the radar (RCS) of an arbitrarily simple disperser is synthesized after analyzing the scattering characteristics of the dispersers in a simple manner.
  7. *** The existence of closed geodesic lines (oscillation loci) is demonstrated. Although there are infinite closed loci on the surface of the disperser, they produce the same result in the determination of the SEM poles.
  8. *** The spatial-temporal cross-correlation coefficient of the fluctuation of the intensity of the speck is calculated for the correlation of three surfaces with the ease of moving the weak disperser.
  9. *** The document presents a new method to analyze the radar cross section (RCS) of a complex disperser, which is a method of extrapolation of frequency characteristics.
  10. *** Regarding the deconvolution method used in the estimation of the dispersed signal of actul of the deep disperser in non-homogeneous soft tissues, the impulse response of the transmission medium is a key.
  11. *** This article studied the lateral displacement measurement technique using the laser Doppler effect of the mobile grid that acted as a disperser.
  12. This is almost certainly the longest-term data set on a plant-disperser system yet published.

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