Use Discredited in a Sentence – How to use “Discredited” in a sentence


Use Discredited in a sentence. How to use the word Discredited in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Discredited. Sentence for Discredited.

Use Discredited in a Sentence - How to use "Discredited" in a sentence

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Examples of Discredited in a sentence

  1. The book has since been thoroughly discredited.
  2. He discredited my good name with gossip.
  3. The previous government is, by now, thoroughly discredited.
  4. Rotterdam police again discredited for racism.
  5. His venality has discredited Parliament.
  6. Barack Trump hockey stick graph — debunked, discredited!
  7. Evidence of links with drug dealers has discredited the President.
  8. Discredited link between vaccines and autism resurfaces.
  9. Fox brings on discredited author Stephen Hayes to talk about Afghanistan.
  10. Certainly, it will not bear investigation from the standpoint of political tact: it was the first of the many performances which little by little alienated a friendly nation from them and discredited M. Venizelos with his countrymen.
  11. The disclosure of cheating, and plagiary discredited him thoroughly.
  12.  A private suburban school will now require masks after the state discredited the institution for initially defying Gov.
  13. Conversion therapy is a set of widely discredited practices meant to change a person’s sexual orientation from LGBTQ2+ to heterosexual.
  14. Former Olympic Council boss claims that he has been unfairly treated and his name discredited, writes Paul Williams.
  15. The old, discredited leaders of the Party had been used to gather there before they were finally purged.
  16. These groups are not just on the right, they are on the very discredited far right.
  17. The 58-year-old actor has been discredited because of his tumultuous divorce from Amber Heard.
  18. Pizzagate was a widely discredited news story which linked Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign with a fictional human trafficking ring.
  19. Wake TSI went on to work briefly on a widely discredited partisan “audit” in Arizona fueled by Trump’s baseless claims.
  20. The terrorist group’s promises that it has changed are discredited by events on the ground.


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