Use Discombobulated in a Sentence & How to use “Discombobulated” in a sentence


Use Discombobulated in a sentence. How to use the word Discombobulated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Discombobulated. Sentence for Discombobulated.

Discombobulated in a Sentence


Definition of Discombobulated

To throw into confusion; upset completely.

Examples of Discombobulated in a sentence

  1. I’m all kinds of discombobulated.
  2. She’s a little bit discombobulated right now.
  3. Have you ever felt confused and fuzzy after a long flight? You may have become discombobulated!
  4. The dog was discombobulated until it learned its way around the new house.
  5. Well, the truth is we all feel somewhat discombobulated!
  6. Once the woman was back onshore, the group found the woman to be “discombobulated.”
  7. Are you ready to assemble some furniture, or are you too discombobulated after reading the instructions?
  8. The new arrivals in New York are discombobulated and often poorly informed.
  9. The market turned completely discombobulated yesterday due to silver trading in a 15% range.
  10. Whether you are single, married, dating or just keeping it casual, the new pandemic normal has our relationships a little discombobulated.
  11. Specifically, I used “discombobulated” the other day, and then later (to be funny) used “combobulated” much to the confusion of my audience.
  12. When the teacher looked at the difficult test, he felt discombobulated.
  13. Of all the onomatopoetic words, discombobulated is my favorite.
  14. Once the woman was back onshore, the group found the woman to be “discombobulated.”
  15. Shaw conducts a desultory yet somehow tender and important love affair with a woman named Victoria, whose own life is only slightly less discombobulated than Shaw’s.
  16. An optimist would predict that they’ll be awesome because there are no road games, in which they have often appeared disconnected and discombobulated.
  17. As Melburnians settle into lockdown (again) our collective minds are distracted, discombobulated and weary.
  18. Once Luke Skywalker gets her out of her cell in the detention block, and the heroes are pinned down, it is Leia who takes a blaster and fires at a grate, enabling the discombobulated heroes to escape.
  19. “I felt really clear,” she added. “You know, when you’re going through a s**tstorm, you don’t feel clear, you feel discombobulated.
  20. But that parsimony ran both ways and led to a discombobulated 75 minutes that became increasingly more physical in the final 15.


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    Indeed if ever toast is offered before the eggs arrive I am discombobulated beyond measure.

    The often discombobulated effort hasn’t only been seen in Guinea.

    His memory is jumbled, confused and completely discombobulated.

    The spokesman was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.

    The spokesman was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.

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