Use Director in a Sentence, How to use “Director” in a sentence


Use Director in a sentence. How to use the word Director in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Director. Sentence for Director.

Use Director in a Sentence - How to use "Director" in a sentence

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Examples of director in a sentence

  1. He was the director of its Steward Observatory from 1918 to 1938.
  2. In 1938 she emigrated with her ailing father to London, where she became director of the Hampstead Child-Therapy Clinic.
  3. He was professor of botany and director of the botanical garden at Pisa and later physician to Pope Clement VIII.
  4. The director was surprised by his frankness.
  5. John Seely Brown is director emeritus of Xerox PARC and visiting professor at USC.
  6. The commission’s findings were inconclusive, but Eijkman remained in Batavia as director of a scientific laboratory.
  7. He retired as director of electronics research for RCA in 1954, with the title of honorary vice president, and continued to serve as a consultant.
  8. “I am not a friend of emotions in commerce,” said Peter Kenny, managing director of Knight Equity Markets in Jersey City, New Jersey, who has been trading shares for more than 25 years.
  9. He was director of Madrid’s archaeological museum from 1872 until his death in Madrid on Aug. 26, 1884.
  10. The corporate name of the new company is Regional Express Americas, “explained Julián Laverde, general director of the regional company, who added that in the coming days they will announce the company’s commercial brand.
  11. Barnes was the author of several works on art, including Art in Painting (1926) and, in collaboration with Violette de Mazia, the foundation’s educational director, The Art of Cézanne ( 1939 ).
  12. Through her years in the show business, Salma Hayek has made herself an icon – from TV to the big screen, she has proven herself as an actress and also as a director and producer.
  13. “With Brexit, Britain is choosing to leave the European Union,” said Meera Selva, director of the Reuters Journalism Scholarship Program at the University of Oxford, “and yet, with Megxit, there is the outrage that someone chooses leave Britain.


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