Use Direct in a Sentence, How to use “Direct” in a sentence


Use Direct in a sentence. How to use the word Direct in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Direct. Sentence for Direct.

Use Direct in a Sentence - How to use "Direct" in a sentence


Examples of direct in a sentence

  1. At present, Fuji Xerox for some clients performs a direct marketing experiment.
  2. The response of direct defense and indirect defense of maize attack and ethephon induced is different.
  3. The adrenal cortex is the main target organ on which ACTH has a direct effect.
  4. However, it also exerts a direct effect on other systems.
  5. The direct cause of the accident is presumed to be the collapse of the vertical stabilizer.
  6. To flower abundantly it needs a great deal of light, but it should never be exposed to direct sun.
  7. Result shows that the load scheduling system based on the BP algorithm prediction improves performance certainly compared with the way of MPI direct allocation.
  8. Since human language is a ( direct ) reflection of culture, second language learning involves second culture learning.
  9. But shortly after knowing this news, El País reported that Toma, a direct adviser-and a figure of extreme confidence of Vázquez-was warned in the second half of February by Menéndez of the confessions of Gavazzo.
  10. This paper reports the results of direct immunofluorescence ( DIF ) test in 10 patients with pemphigus.
  11. Methods Three-colour direct immunofluorescence staining and multiparameter flow cytometry were used for analysis of 13 samples of immunophenotyping of multiple myeloma patients.
  12. In conclusion, multiparameter flow cytometry and three-color direct immunofluorescence staining methods may be of important clinical significance in diagnosis, therapy and prognosis of acute leukemia.
  13. A simple and direct integration named “Displacement Recurrence Method (DRM) “for solving the governing equation of motion in finite element system is proposed in this paper.
  14. While HW/SW partitioning is a critical step in the codesign, the partitioning result has direct effect on the performance of the system.


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